Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The White Barrier Reef

Whilst there has been a lot of talk about the bleaching of the great barrier reef, and whilst I could easily post many links in arguing for an against it, just thought I'd put the information up there about the temperature in the area, considering that this is specifically a temperature and associated data type blog.

Warwick Hughes argues, that the temperatures around the GBR have not increased at all in the past 75 years. This doesn't include water temperature of course, just air, but still a result that agrees with our analysis.


Dazza said...

Hi Jonathan,

Thought you maybe interested on this interview with Queensland marine scientist Walter Stark. He talked about this and many other similar topics. Very interesting man and well worth the read.


Cheers mate


Anonymous said...


Try that link

Dazza said...

Last post was me!



Jonathan Lowe said...

Thanks Dazza,
yes that it interesting. I have read a lot about it. Have a read of some of Michael Creighton's speeches which are linked at the top-right of this page. They are of a similar nature.