Thursday, November 09, 2006

Australia just aint warming all!

Well the graph on the left shows the deviation from the norm for temperatures at 6am, and surprise surprise, there was no significant increase (F=1.25, p=0.22). In fact we might as well show all the other times now, because there seems to be a pattern amongst all of Australia’s times in that the temperature is not changing.

The graph on the left shows temperatures at 6pm. No significant increase in temperature found (F=0.47, p = 0.5).

This next graph shows temperatures at midnight, where no significant increase was found (F=1.3, p = 0.26), and the graph below shows the temperatures at noon where, once again no significant difference was found (F=2.44, p = 0.12). One can observe the last few years in the noon graph that are above normal, (although not significantly above normal). This matches what we found at 3pm as well. And so it seems, although insignificantly, that we have had a few years of late with increased temperatures around the noon to 3pm mark – basically the heat of the day. This would also indicate why we have had increased maximum temperatures during this time.

It seems strange that only in the last 5 years or so, this is the only time that we have seen an increase. Although I stress once again, that the increase is insignificant, but still might be worth talking about. If global warming were true, then surely we would see a general increase over the full 24 hours. Please tell me if I’m wrong here.

However a recent increase from noon to 3pm – the heat of the day, when the sun is shining at it’s best, suggests to me that there could be more into this than what we first thought. Could the sun possibly be hotter? Is solar radiation related to these increased temperatures? What happens when we have cloud cover? Do we see these increases in temperatures between noon and 3pm when there are clouds? All this will be looked at in detail.

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Anonymous said...

Hmm interesting analysis. I remember reading something suggesting that the southern hemi-sphere wasn't warming like the northern. Solar data would be interesting to see.