Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Southern hemisphere ignores global warming

Despite these results coming in about 2 months, ago they back up my research that suggests that the southern Hemisphere has not warmed to the degree that the northern hemisphere has.

My analysis of Australia and parts of antartica basically looks at 1/5th of the southern hemisphere, which isn't much admittedly, but contains about 1/3rd (an educated guess) of the land mass in the area.

Of course, I haven't dug into the analysis of the northern hemisphere as yet, and would love to. There seems to be an agreement that the northern hemisphere has increased significantly in temperature, however that was the general agreement with Australia as well.

So why hasn't the south increased at the same level as the north? There could be many reasons. Perhaps it's because of global currents, perhaps because of the urban living effect (more dense population in the north), perhaps because the north admit more CO2 into the atmosphere, or perhaps because the north has more land mass which has been changed by humans in the past and hence possibly altered the climite.

Either way, I don't know. I'm not a climate scientists but rather one who analyses the results. But if Australia is not warming up, along with perhaps the rest of the southern Hemisphere, should we really worry about spending billions of dollars (that could elsewhere be spent, for example, feeding/educating the sick in Africa) on cutting back our CO2 levels?

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