Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Hypocritical Channel 7

As pointed out by Tim Blair, the Sunrise show on channel 7 are running a global cooling campaign. However rather hypocritically, they have plenty of global warming prizes to give out which include:

A 4WD Nissan Murano, flights to the US to see Jerry Seinfeld perform,$6000 plasma televisions, New York family holidays, race laps at Bathurst, touring Australia with INXS, weekend flights to Melbourne, a flight to London to see Madonna in concert, a flight to Germany for the World Cup, family flights to New Zealand,flights to destinations around Australia, Queenstown and London.
I guess they don’t want to give up the good to get rid of the bad.


Anonymous said...

From the channel that gives us Today Tonight….that bastion of truth. Koshie save Iraq, Koshie saves the Beaconsfield miners, Mel saves Mongolia….and so and so on! Can we really expect anything else from this rubbish broadcaster?

Dazza said...

Woops...last post was me!!...LOL

Jonathan Lowe said...

Today tonight, along with a current affair are such terrible shows. I watch SBS news at that time, the best news around I believe. I was going to start up 2 webpages "today tonever" and "non currnet affair" to debunk most of their stuff, but that meant I had to listen to their shows. They NEVER show two sides of the story. NEVER. And then at the end the host will make a comment like "it's terrible isn't it" just to add gusto to their one-sided stories. Terrible journalism, if you can call it that.

johnnyhoward said...

Yeah Naomi Robson makes a real attempt to look like she's really touched at the plight of the previous story; looks so fake. Seven's slogan is after all "Thankyou for watching channel seven" - does that reek of desperation or what?

Dazza said...

Lol..you want to live out here where I do mate. Channel 7 is the main channel. We only it and Imaparja an NT station ABC and SBS. Not much too watch. That's why I spend so much time in here looking at the internet!!

But wait there are more great programs coming to Seven this year. There is the all time classic 54th series of Dancing with 'B' Grade wannabes and the latest is some crap about getting a job. Missed the name of it. So thank your lucky stars that we have the net so at least I have some control over what I watch!