Monday, November 13, 2006

The best way to spend godzillions

Paul Driessen, author of Eco-Imperialism: Green power, Black Death, rages against what he rightly calls the “the real climate catastrophe”:

Over 2 billion of the Earth’s citizens—including 95 percent of Africans—still do not have electricity. That means no lights, refrigerators, stoves, radios, televisions or computers; no modern homes, hospitals, schools, offices or factories. Instead, people breathe polluted smoke from wood and dung fires, and die by the millions from lung diseases.
The world should be rushing to their aid. Instead, in the name of preventing hypothetical climate change, environmentalists and rich countries oppose fossil fuel power plants in poor countries. To “protect wild rivers,” they obstruct hydroelectric projects. They resist nuclear power, on the ground that it is “inherently dangerous.” In short, they are telling a third of the world’s people:

“You cannot have modern, healthy, industrialized societies. Your only option is piddling amounts of expensive, unreliable electricity from wind and solar. To safeguard the world from speculative risks that we are concerned about, you must endure life-threatening dangers that perpetuate poverty, disease and childhood death in your destitute nations.”

I totally agree. How the Stern report can recommend spending godzillions of fixing global warming, which may/may not exist (it doesn't in Australia and parts of Antarctica), humans may not be the cause, and if they are might not be able to make a difference - whilst there are millions of starving, uneducated, malnourished people in Africa, is criminal.

How the Sterm report suggests to spend billions to stop global warming so that more people don't die in Africa is a joke. Moreso, it's beyond a joke.

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Chris M said...

Good points Jonathan..... it is self evident that the Greenies are not the least bit interested in peoples welfare. No compassion for humanity, only a religiously fervent devotion to the unknown god.