Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Time magazine part IV

The new Time Magazine mentions not a lot about global warming, but it does have a flurry of letters into their inbox. I count 11 letters in fact, and all of them by one (which only got 4 lines) are praising the article and saying how good it was. Interestingly, there was none against - I wonder why. Here are some of the letters:

- Thankyou for including switching to vegetarianism as an excellent way to help save the environment...We vegetarians know that we are helping save not only the environment but animals as well

Saving animals? how?

- The biggest way to reduce carbon emissions wasn't listed: don't have more than two children.

How selfish it is of families with more than two children. Shame on them.

- There's another thing we can do to help. How about it we all cut down on greed, selfishness and impatience?

Here here! Such great specific solutions in detail for us all.

- You negleted one simple way to help curb emissions: don't drink bottled water...The feel food factor? A friend of mine figured that over the course of a year she saved almost $1000 - enough to take herself on an environmentally friendly vacation.

Where's she going on the vacation? I gather she is walking there? Heaven's above is she drives or takes a plane!

The fact that Time Magazine actually includes a "Feel good factor" and yet no-one blinks an eye at it, is true testimate that most people feel that useless steps that make you feel good that do absolutely nothing to decrease global temperatures are worth while doing.


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