Monday, April 30, 2007

Cape Borda - Kangaroo Island

Located on the very picturesque kangaroo island just outside Adelaide, Cape Borda will share some statistical analysis of it's own.

However, the data at the place is hardly complete. Whilst maximum and minimum temperatures go back to 1925, no measurements were taken from 1938 to 1960, so it makes sense that we just look at 1960 onwards. As far as time related data goes - no data for Midnight times, and with the exception of 9am and 3pm (which go back to 1960), all other time related temperatures are only 15 years old.

So data is haphazard here, but we will still look at it nevertheless.

Maximum temperature analysis shows a significant increase in temperature (t=5.8,p<0.01), and this increase also goes with minimum temperatures (t=2.6,p<0.05). It follows on that temperatures at 3pm have significantly increased (t=4.5,p<0.01),however temperatures at 9am have not (t=0.7,p=0.5). Not surprisingly, temperature anomalies at 3pm were significantly higher than at 9am (p<0.01).

There's not a lot we can say about these temperatures, only that it's increasing during the day and at night, but not at 9am. The increase in temperatures at 3pm (and maximum) are very substantial, and are possibly the greatest we have seen to date.

Our analysis for the next stations in south-eastern South Australia will provide some very interesting analysis I am sure.

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