Saturday, April 14, 2007

Rudd's hot air

As given by Andrew Bolt,

Kevin Rudd, like so many global warming alarmists, is better at talking about cutting emissions than actually doing it.

His policy is uncompromising:

Our policy is 60 per cent (cuts in emissions) by 2050

But when it comes to making any cuts himself:

JOURNALIST: Have you got solar power at your house?

RUDD: We’ve actually had the solar technicians in to look at our house and one of the problems – I was actually discussing this with Phil before – is the way our house is positioned on the side of a hill in Brissy, we’re actually facing the wrong way. We’re still getting more consultants in to see what can be done but we’re in a perfect position, given Brisbane’s weather, to be as cool as possible, lots of trees and all the rest of it, but we’re not in a perfect position when it comes to installing solar. So, we’re going to get some more solar technicians in.

And now we find he’s also driving the most planet-killing kind of car:

The Labor leader yesterday revealed his family car was a four-wheel drive Ford Territory.

The taxpayer-funded car chews up 12.8 litres of fuel in 100km of city driving and has one of the lowest environmental ratings of all government vehicles.

(This is, incidentally, the very same make of car chosen by that other green activist, Rod Quantock.)

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