Sunday, April 08, 2007

Time magazine part II

As promised earlier, I am going to analyse Time Magazine's 51 Things We Can Do to Save the Environment. The first 10 here, the next lot soon.

1. Turn Food Into Fuel

In other words, use ethanol on busses for example. I don’t own a bus, but am happy to ride an ethanol bus, which by the way, costs the government and therefore us, plenty more times to run.

2. Get Blueprints For a Green House

Controlling heat, making sure that there are no leakages in the house so that cold air (or global warming hot air) can’t get in. This makes sense of course, and will also save money too.

3. Change Your Lightbulbs

I’ve already discussed how this feel good gesture (note it rates high on their feel-good scale and next to nothing on making a difference – at least here they are honest), makes not significant difference at all.

4. Light Up Your City

See point 3.

5. Pay the Carbon Tax

Ahh yes carbon tax. A great idea, however it doesn’t really reduce CO2 levels does it? And hey, it’s merely just shifting my problem onto someone else. But hey, I’m happy to pay carbon tax – why not?

6. Ditch the Mansion

Tell that to Al Gore. Quote: “Oversize houses aren't just architecturally offensive” Huh? Since when? I’ve been to plenty of large houses that are architecturally masterpieces. Since when have they been offensive? Seems to me that the author here doesn’t like rich people. With such a bias in mind, it is understandable why she is on the global warming parade. But hey, ok, I’ll sell my house, ditch the family holiday unit near the beach (it’s going to be under water soon anyway isn’t it?), and move into a small apartment. I’m cool for that.

7. Hang Up a Clothes Line

“You could make your own clothes with needle and thread using 100% organic cotton”

Nice idea. So no more clothes buying for me. I shall make all my clothes. I’m not sure what my boss will think when I rock up in a home made shirt and wrap around skirt, and I don’t really know how to make shoes. Surprisingly, their scale says that this makes no impact and doesn’t even make you feel good. Like seriously, what is the point of even mentioning this step? Oh, I understand, anti-capitalism. Lets all go back to the good ol’ days where we grew our own veggies, killed our own chicken and made our own clothes. What progression!

8. Give New Life to Your Old Fleece

Recycle your own clothes. But why? Because I make my own clothes now (7), the last thing I want to do is recycle them. Can’t I just keep them please?

9. Build a Skyscraper

Just checked my bank account, and because I’ve been paying stacks on carbon credits (5), I don’t quite have the money to build a skyscraper. I did however sell my mansion (6) so I have some money to spend. I have set aside a separate account for my new exciting job as a skyscraper builder.

10. Turn Up the Geothermal Heat

In other words, build a house that is environmentally friendly. Awesome idea. But I only recently bought a small apartment (6). Ok, I’ll sell it and make a new house from scratch. I really need to do a building course.

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