Monday, April 30, 2007

Be prepared, be very prepared

I have always thought that it is extremely strange that all statistical analysis done on temperatures in the scientific literature as only been done on maximum and minimum temperatures. This despite the billions of dollars that are spent in the area.

Surely, someone would have a proper scientific analysis of time based temperature? Unfortunetley, this has not been the case.

We have proven before the importance of such scientific study, suggest that minimum temperatures might not represent the average temperature overnight, but might represent the temperature just before sunrise, and hence be highly influenced by the sun - precisely what maximum temperatures are influenced by.

But nothing compares to the analysis that you will see on this blog over the next week. The statistical analysis that you will see shortly is a world first, and will prove beyond doubt that analysis of minimum temperatures is completely useless if one is trying to approximate overnight temperatures.

We will also show you that rate of increase of minimum temperatures as a relation to overnight temperatures has been over exaggerated by as much as 1 degree increase (celcius) per 100 years - more than the shown increase in minimum temperature over the past century. Which alone suggests that temperatures have not increased overnight over the past 100 years despite increases in minimum temperatures.

Our analysis will show that looking at minimum temperatures only is highly dangerous, and only analysis into time based temperature should be undertaken.

As previously said, over the next week, we will give you ground breaking analysis that has never been done before and will astonish even the most loyal critic.

Stay tuned, and be prepared, be very prepared.


Anonymous said...

you can prove that minimum temperatures have been exaggureated by 1 degree the last century? what you mean by exaggurated? this should be interesting

Phil_B said...

I think what Jonathon meant to say is that using changes in minimum temperature as a measure of overall temperature change exaggerates the amount of temperature change that is occuring/has occured.

Jonathan Lowe said...

yes that is what i am saying phil, the evidence i will give in the next week or 2 will be very significant.

Phil_B said...

An observation; most people would expect an increase in minimum temperature to be a result of a decrease in night time cooling, which is what you would expect from an increase in the greenhouse effect. However, as minimum temperatures typically occur in the early morning after the sun has risen and solar heating has begun, a decrease in minimum temperature could also result (in part) from an increase in solar heating in the early morning.

If you find an increase in minimum temperatures without a corresponding increase in overnight temperatures then that is strong evidence of an increase in solar heating as the cause of the observed 'warming'.

Jonathan Lowe said...

agreed Phil, I am sure you will like the statistical analysis that will shortly be coming.

Alan Woods said...

Jonathan, are you going to publish this work?

Jonathan Lowe said...

Alan Woods, I should shouldn't I?

Anonymous said...