Saturday, February 10, 2007

Proof that global warming doesn't exist

As Time Blair points out,

Robert Fisk writing for the The Independent discusses the proof that global warming exists because her mother shot a 50 year old home video of snow in Maidstone (half way between London and English Channel). He says:

"There must have been two feet of [snow] in the garden. You can even see the condensation from my mouth."

Of course how the weather has changed recently and he tells us we should indeed Fear climate change

However this week the snow has returned to London, and for an extra example for good measure, here is Maidstone in 1987:

So I guess according to Robert Fisk's own arguement, this is proof that global warming doesn't exist.

In reality of course, this proves that it's so easy to find evidence that fulfills your perception of the world and ignore evidence that doesn't. Hence, of course, we really have to leave it up to the true scientific unbiased method when analysing climate change, not people's opinions.


ILJAY said...

It's not Global Warming, it's climate change stupid!

Makes me think of something Mark Steyn wrote:
"If it's hot, that's a sign of "climate change." If it's cold, that's a sign of "climate change." If it's 53 with sunny periods and light showers, you need to grab an overnight bag and get outta there right now because "climate change" is accelerating out of control."

The farce must go on

Anonymous said...

climate change sceptics...sigh.
do more reasearch.