Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Brisbane bans cars for no scientific reason

Brisbane is contemplating banning cars from the city in an attempt to combat climate change. A $50,000 report also suggested that

cyclones, floods and bushfires could become the norm if the city does not convert to solar energy and boost public transport usage.

Well we've already proven that cyclones have not been increasing in Australia, but what about floods?

Thanks to the BOM, we have information about the flooding of the Brisbane and Bremer River as shown on the graph below.

The floods of the Brisbane River appear to be coming less in number with only 1 Major flood in 107 years, this compared to 8 major floods in the 60 years before that. Brisbane river also had 14 moderate floods fro 1840 to 1900 and only 2 since then.

The Bremer River at Ipswich data as shown above, shows some very minor floods in the past few years. This could well be due to more recorded observations of very minor activity in the area. But lets look at the more devastating big floods hey? Eight major floods in the last 107 years (one per 13.37 years), and 9 in the 60 years before that (one per 6.67 years) - twice as much. And 18 moderate floods in 107 years (one per 5.94 years) and 9 moderate floods in the 60 years before that (one per 6.67 years) - a small yet insignificant difference.

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