Friday, February 16, 2007

Naughty Screen Savers

News just in! ANZ have just announced that they are banning screen savers from their computers to save on green house gases. Those bad naughty screen savers of flying windows and personalised photographs have to go in order to save the planet. Feb 23rd is the date when they all go, and no doubt from that day forward we will see more rainfall and colder weather.

What a difference it will make!


Anonymous said...

No individuality allowed here! Not as bad as Dun & Bradstreet who still insist staff (male) wear ties! These sexist, demeaning, subservient and degrading nooses are so irrelevant in this millenia. Wake up world, let's get our priorities right!
P.S. I suppose the ANZ are paragons of responsibility when the time comes to get rid of old PC screens?

skeptic said...

well there is a large drive for inclusion by all. Nearly everyone wants to be on the band wagon of climate change. see this link to global warming and the mania associated with it.

ANZ are just getting in early before we are overwhelmed by laws controlling the energy we use. Casue the laws will save the planet from ?.

skeptic said...
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