Thursday, May 24, 2007

West Queensland

Not a lot of good data in West Queensland, however we will analyse temperatures at BOULIA AIRPORT and CAMOOWEAL TOWNSHIP.

Max/min/9am and 3pm temperatures go back to 1910, whilst all other times only go back 15 years.

Maximum temperatures showed a significant increase (p<0.01), as did minimum temperatures (p<0.01). Similarly temperatures at 3pm showed a significant increase in temperature (p<0.01), however temperatures at 9am showed a significant decrease in temperature (p=0.02).

On closer look, since the 1940's temperatures at 9am have been increasing, so a similar pattern does exist.

Minimum temperature anomalies were found to be around 0.5 to 1 degree warmer than temperature anomalies at 3am and 6am, and as normal, we found that 9am temperature anomalies were significantly higher than 6am, and 6pm temperature anomalies were significantly lower than temperature anomalies at 3pm, which indicates that we are warming up during the heat of the day more so than in yesteryear, but not having any increase in heat during the day.

Hmm...what could cause us to heat up more so in the middle of the day of late?

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