Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Climate Change Myths

Professor Bob Carter has published The Myth of Dangerous Human-Caused Climate Change.

interesting read. Not everything i agree with him on, however i note that he does mention:

"the temperature at each site is constructed using the statistically
doubtful historic method of averaging the maximum and
minimum temperatures measured once each day at the site."

statistically doubtful? statistically very doubtful.


Phil_B said...

Reading through the comments at Climate Audit, it's hard not to conclude that Hansen and the rest of the IPCC crowd are well aware that mean temperature is giving a misleading impression of heat gain to the Earth system.

The fact they persist in using it and exclude use of other measures of heat gain is at best highly questionable and at worse fraudulent.

Jonathan Lowe said...

completely agree phil, the mean temperature (average of max and min) is such a pathetic useless variable to measure global temperature.

How on earth we can warrant spending billions of dollars on climate change, when we have not even statistically analysed temperature to a reasonable level amazes me.