Monday, May 28, 2007

Vermont bans idling by schoolbuses to slow global warming

As hot air reports:

Thereby reducing greenhouse gas omissions by .000000000000000000001% or some number thereabouts.

They believe the children are our future. They’ve taught them well, and now they’re letting them lead the way:

Gov. Jim Douglas used six pens Friday to sign his name to a bill that will ban school buses from running their engines while parked on school grounds, except under special circumstances.

Seated in the library at Browns River Middle School, Douglas rewarded a seventh-grade social studies class for its efforts on behalf of the bill by coming to the students to transform the legislation into law. He handed the pens he used to five students who led the lobbying effort and their teacher, Patty Brushett.

“This is a great step forward for our state,” Douglas said, listing benefits such as fuel conservation, improved air quality and reduction in greenhouse gases…

George Crombie, secretary of the Agency of Natural Resources, joined Douglas for the ceremony and presented the school with a sign to post by the driveway.

“These signs will go to every single school,” Crombie said. The red sign reads, “Please turn off your engines for our health.”

I guess they don't know how a diesel engine works.

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philip said...

Interesting discussion over at Climate Audit about the location of temperature recording stations. Someone is setting up database.

Site's down right now so no link.

And concerning Vermont school buses. The reason they idle the engines is its damm cold in Vermont in the winter. And if you don't run the engine, the vehicle will get very cold very quickly.