Monday, September 10, 2007

Station #2: Broome (3003)

Broome, located in north west western Australia again has some good time related data.

Firstly, maximum and minimum temperatures recorded no significant increase or decrease. Likewise temperatures at Midnight, 3am, 6am, Noon, 3pm, and 9pm remained constant. 9am temperatures, again, significantly increased whilst 6pm temperatures significantly decreased.

When looking at 3 and 6am vs minimum anomalies, we find that minimum temperature anomalies are significantly increasing with respect to 3 and 6am, indicating again the poor assumption that minimum temperatures reflect overnight temperatures.

And like previously we found that 9am temperatures were significantly increasing at a greater rate than 6am temperatures (the graph shows a strong and evident trend), whilst Noon temperatures decreased significantly compared to 9am and 3pm temperatures decreased significantly compared to Noon.

Thus indicating that the only major time when Broome is heating up more so than others is at 9am, everything else seems pretty consistent or even decreasing.

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