Thursday, September 06, 2007

I'm back

Well it's been a while in between drinks, and i've been very busy in other areas, but here's the current news on the gust of hot air front.

I've noticed a slight irregularity in my calculations for several stations. The problem occurs when some stations have data at certain times going back decades and only several years at other times.

The ABM as well as other meteorological societies general take the average temperature as the time period between 1961 and 1990 as for example shown here.

Hence my analysis will focus on non-urban Australian weather stations that have time based temperature readings in all but one time going back till at least 1961. There are only a handful of stations that have data for all of Midnight, 3am, 6am, 9am, Noon, 3pm, 6pm and 9pm going back to 1960, however we have a total of 23 stations that have all times but one. The one time that stations generally don't have going back to the 1960s is either midnight or 9pm, so the core temperatures that gain most statistical interest is there.

Hence my analysis will begin again, with hopefully a station a day followed by the overall result, which will confirm my previous analysis.

The picture below shows the stations that are being used. Understandably there is a bit of a lapse in reliable stations in central Australia (as there are non-reliable stations) and northern new south wales is a bit sparse (mainly due to the stations in that area being non-urban). However the spread of stations across Australia is quite...well...well spread.

Keeping in mind that the analysis provided here is more in depth than any other statistical analysis on temperature, as all previous analysis in journals has simply been an addition of the max and min anomalies to come to an overall temperature - something which we have shown as to be completely unreliable.

Stay tuned for some in depth, surprising and startling results.....

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