Friday, September 14, 2007

Beating around the Bush

I've decided not to beat around the bush, and analyse individual stations, but rather combine them all to come up with the results for all of Australia as my original intention was. On Monday, I will show the first part of the analysis of Australian temperature from the corresponding reliable non urban weather stations. Stay tuned.


George said...

I am wondering if you are still sticking to your belief that the drought is over and we have returned to normal rainfall patterns.
Because it seems that what the BOM said, of a bleak picture, has actually come to fruition.

So is the drought over?

Jonathan Lowe said...

as shown here rainfall in australia over the last 6 months have been low i the south west - north of perth. High in the north and especailly north west Australia.

No sign of drought there.

The last 12 months has seen low rainfall in the far seaboard west and low in the mid south, and south east. Higher has been recorded in central north and north west.

No sign of a drought there either, with some up some down.

Seems to me that Australia's rainfall is not decreasing in total (as is shown here), (which also shows if anything increasing Australian rainfall), but rather the places that are getting less rainfall are in the south east highly farmed land, and the places are are not are in the northern non farmed land.

Is Australia getting less rainfall? No, the graph above shows this. Its just been unfortunate that the rainfall of late has fallen on the places that don't use the land for agriculture.

Maybe Co2 causes the rain to only fall where we don't need it. Nasty thing Co2

Jonathan Lowe said...

Oh, and by the way, I never said that the current or previous rainfall patterns were not normal.