Thursday, September 27, 2007

Near Record Ice levels in Southern Hemisphere

Whilst there has been a lot of talk about record lows for the northren hemisphere ice levels, does the fact that the southern hemisphere is on track to record new record highs reach the media outlets?


philip said...

We have definitely turned a corner in the Southern Hemisphere. Whether its ENSO, the PDO or whatever, we are now on a cold cycle and expect to see more record ice extents in coming years.

Here in Perth my wife has been complaining for weeks about how cold and wet the winter has been. It's the end of September, past the equinox and still no sign of the warm spring days we normally get.

And re Jonathan's point, the media bias in just reporting abnormally warm/dry weather is unconstionable(sp?).

Chris said...

Global cooling is definitely a concern and we know that cold always kills much faster than heat. We should lobby the government to spend money preventing the global cooling phenomenon, it should be given at least equal status to the warming theory. In past years people were ignorant that we had so much control of the earths weather, well the time of ignorance is past and we must take control of the thermostat dial before the warmists tyurn it down too far.

Chris said...

I just don't get this. Are you saying that record maxima in SH are a result of no change in climate? I thought SH sea ice was increasing for the same reason that the Antarctic Ice Sheet was increasing, because of sub zero increasing air temperatures are increasing precipitation rates. Isn't that why the Western Pacific Warm pool is the wettest place on earth, while Antarctica is the driest?

Philip said...

because of sub zero increasing air temperatures are increasing precipitation rates.

Precipitation has no effect on SH sea ice. Its boundaries are many hundreds of Ks beyond glacial outlows from Antarctica. SH sea ice is a direct result of temperatures, with a possible small contribution from salinity.

And of course CO2 cannot be producing completely opposite effects in the 2 hemispheres.

Chris said...

dumbass. How is that OLR balance coming along?

Anonymous said...

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