Sunday, March 16, 2008

Oz heat due to climate change, world freeze is not

Elissa Lawrence reports:

SOUTH Australians are being warned to brace for harsher and more regular heatwaves amid fears climate change may be occurring faster than forecast.

South Australian Bureau of Meteorology regional director Andrew Watson said he was confident the current record heatwave – which yesterday stretched into its 13th day – was a result of global warming, and it was evidence the rate of climate change could be gaining pace.

However, maybe climate change is only effecting Australia because world wide temperatures have plummeted.


Chris m said...

The temp is supposed to drop tomorrow (Tues 18th) after more than two weeks above 35 deg - mostly 38 to 40 deg.

I think the drop is due to 'Earth Hour', Gaia is somewhat satiated by those sacrificing. Not a drop of rain though, guess we would have to do something like switch off the lights for a whole day or ban all plastic bags to get her to give us some rain.

Maybe Peter Garrett and Penny Wong could do a naked rain dance for us, that orta scare the old hag into shedding some tears.

sedo666 said...

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