Friday, March 28, 2008

Al Gore next president?

a few weeks ago he had no chance, with odds posting around at $500 on betfair. But now some democrat's are thinking about giving him their vote because of the hillary - obama standoff. Gore's odds have come into $40, which means the market views him at around a 2.5% chance.

Still small of course, but reasonably probable


Anonymous said...

Al Gore will never run for president because he would finally be forced to answer questions concerning his view on climate change. He would get ripped to pieces on the campaign trail and have nothing to return to when he lost. In short Gore has too much to lose by running for elected office

Jonathan Lowe said...

agreed 100%, and in fact I was just about to say the same

roger said...

I hope you're both right but I don't thinks so. The UK judgement was simply brushed aside. Who will dare ask the hard questions in these Orwellian Baroque times? The US media and the money to be made from the greenhouse industry are powerful forces