Sunday, August 12, 2007

You can't handle the truth!

Ever since Steve McIntyre found the huge error in the NASA data record that results in 25% drop in temperature of the more recent years, their website Climate Audit has been down. The reason is given as follows:

"CA has been knocked off the internet by a DDOS attack. We are going to move the CA domain to a temporary page while I move the CA files and databases to a new server behind a much better firewall. Its obvious that someone can't take constructive criticism. We should be back in a few days"


Anonymous said...

Is his not a shame. I live on the opposite of the World in New Zealand and I have encouraged may of my friends to follow th M@M site.
PS We have had a really cold winter down here. We are having the usual weather for which AGW gets the blame:-
Low temps
Snow and Ice


philip said...

The real story is that the temperature record from the rest of the world is so contaminated by urban heat island and local effects as to be useless for determining global temperature trends.

Even prior to this adjustment, the USA with much better records showed substantially less warming than the rest of the world. As the US record comes under increased scrutiny and more dodgy data is thrown out, expect the divergence to grow.

John Nicklin said...

I'm surprised that this didn't happen earlier. There are more than enough zealots out there with the knowledge and ability to bring down a site. When McIntyre finds major flaws in the GW story, I'm sure some of the GW zealots want to punish him for his transgressions.