Thursday, August 16, 2007

Immature Science and immature alarmists

It's amazing, when doing a simple search of a newspaper publication how one can come up with new research in the area of climate science. Here, just mentioned today, is new research of scientists who have discovered a new current that drives Australia's and the worlds temperatures:

AUSTRALIAN scientists have discovered a giant underwater current that is one of the last missing links of a system that connects the world's oceans and helps govern global climate.

New research shows that a current sweeping past Australia's southern island of Tasmania toward the South Atlantic is a previously undetected part of the world climate system's engine-room, said scientist Ken Ridgway.

Such new research and findings every day is of obvious indication that climate science is a very immature science. We simply don't know much about the area. In fact, I can count on one hand how many Australian's have achieved a PhD in climate science.

It's great that we are finding out all these new things about our global weather pattern, and we are starting to understand more and more about how it works. It is no surprise therefore that the IPCC's long term weather forecasts have gone down every single release.

Let me give you a football analogy here. You see if I knew a lot about the the Richmond football club, but little about the rest of the teams, and Richmond had just won 3 games in a row, it would be too easy for me to conclude that Richmond are a great team and are going to do really well. But with more knowledge, I would have known that the teams they played in those 3 games were weak teams with lots of injuries, and are not good measures of Richmond's form.

When we know little about something, it's easy to project with gusto about future outcomes, but with more knowledge about how something works, we can make a more rounded prediction.

It's no surprise that the IPCC have lowered their predictions of recent years, and the reason is because of new studies like that mentioned above. New research as such is happening and being discovered all the time.

Thus indicating a very immature science. Not that that's a bad thing, it's great we are finding new discoveries. But climate science has not been around for long, and with such an immature science it would be ludicrous to jump to conclusions without knowing the full scale of the problem and full or good knowledge of its mechanisms.

Unfortunately, it would seem that the science is not the only thing that is immature. With scientists, politicians and alarmists alike, jumping up and down saying that carbon dioxide is the answer to everything. They could well be correct, just as I could have been correct that Richmond are a great football club. But until we find out more and increase our knowledge in the area, the alarmists, politicians and selected scientists are simply showing that the are at the same stage of the science in which they preach; Immature.

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