Thursday, August 16, 2007

We're doomed. Doomed I say. Oh, wait...

As reported by Kerplunk:

How funny is the news that a 1922 edition of The Washington Post contained...shock, horror...a headline that would look right at home in the here and now...

D.C. resident John Lockwood was conducting research at the Library of Congress and came across an intriguing Page 2 headline in the Nov. 2, 1922 edition of The Washington Post: "Arctic Ocean Getting Warm; Seals Vanish and Icebergs Melt."

No doubt the article didn't list CO2 emissions as the cause. I haven't seen the full article anywhere. If anyone finds it then send it to me.

The 1922 article, obtained by Inside the Beltway, goes on to mention "great masses of ice have now been replaced by moraines of earth and stones," and "at many points well-known glaciers have entirely disappeared."

And they came back again subsequently in order to disappear once again so that the Climate Faithful can blame things on man made CO2...

"This was one of several such articles I have found at the Library of Congress for the 1920s and 1930s," says Mr. Lockwood. "I had read of the just-released NASA estimates, that four of the 10 hottest years in the U.S. were actually in the 1930s, with 1934 the hottest of all."

That's right. After four of the hottest years being in the 1930s the world entered a cooling phase lasting from 1940 to the mid-1970s. Solar activity clearly shows that we're going to get a little bit warmer before entering into a cool phase probably akin to the Little Ice Age.

Our future climate was decided well in advance of pumping CO2, NH4, O3 or anything else into the atmosphere but to those with the enviro-religion called global warming that doesn't matter.

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