Monday, October 30, 2006

Tim the Tool Man

Tim Flannery, one of Australia’s leading scientists and also one of Australia's leading doomsday preacher comments on the impact of rising sea levels:

Picture an eight-storey building by a beach, then imagine waves lapping its roof. That’s what a 25-metre rise in sea level looks like.

Well lets once again look at the stats. Research has proven that in the last 7 years the sea levels have risen 2.5mm. SO that’s on average 0.35mm per year.

So how long will it take to reach 25 metres? Well a good 70,000 years. By then, I'm sure we'll all be living on mars. And a skyscraper on the beach? You honestly think they'll be such thing as a sky scraper in 70,000 years time?

Picture of what we might look like in 70,000 years time.


Greg Watson said...

Hi Jonathan,

The sea level increase Tim was talking about was what would happen if a large amount of the Greenland ice sheet slid into the ocean and melted. The sea level rise you are talking about is that from the thermal driven expansion of the oceans. Two very different effects.

Greg Waston in Adelaide

Jonathan Lowe said...

well for sure, but unfort. greensland ice is if anything increasing: