Monday, October 30, 2006

Global Warming causes snowstorm!

Buffalo News reports that global warming is the reason behind a surprise massive snowstorm around someplace called Buffalo where all the local buffalo are now snap frozen like the wooly mammoth.

The newspaper reports that

As the climate changes and temperatures generally increase, we are more likely to see unpredictable, intense weather and, in Buffalo, more lake-effect snow.

God Holy Moses! So does this mean that the temperature is going to increase so much that the temperature will decrease? I don’t want to be snap frozen either! Someone save me from this intense freezing cold heat wave.


Anonymous said...

Seriously, you need help with this. How about learning what Buffalo is and paying attention to what the article is saying. Do research before you jump to the conclusion that the experts are wrong.

Jonathan Lowe said...

what bufalo is? maybe a large wild oxen? You obviously dont get my humour and missed on the purpose of the post.