Monday, October 30, 2006

Rising Sea Water will drown boats

The Sydney morning Herald have told us all what will happen to Sydney's shore line by the year 2100 based on global warming quoting that

billions of dollars worth of seaside properties up and down the coast are vulnerable to advancing shorelines and increased storm activity associated with climate change.

And the evidence:

Their modelling uses a range of sea level rises projected by the United Nations and the World Meteorological Organisation's International Panel on Climate Change of between nine and 88 centimetres by 2100.

But new scientific research has us increasing at 0.35mm a year or by the year 2100, just 3.2cm. Big difference.

But what is most funny, is the pictures that it produces with the first picture now, and the second picture what it will look like in the year 2100:

What happened to all the boats? Don't boats float on top of the water?

(thanks Tim Blair for this one)


Anonymous said...

I've worked out why there are no boats. Because in 100 years time we won't need them. We'll all have teleporters by then

Richard Sheehan said...

Actually when I saw the photos I wondered what happened to the marinas and why one side seemed to have lost a little land and the other none. But in the detail section it suggests that a sea wall would protect the western side. But that did not explain the marinas. Like boats, I thought those things floated.

What I love about all this is the absurdity of "extreme" climate change and such tiny fluctuations in sea levels. If Greenland really is melting then the rise is around 8 metres. It gets to more than 20 metres if you lose the land based Arctic and Antarctic ice sheets. That has happened four times in the earth's history. The fluctuations are about 120 metres below our current sea level to around 20 metres above.

I wonder why the 8 metre levels are never used when so many of the models predict the melting of Greenland.

Rob L said...

About two years ago, The Sunday Telegraph published two photos supposedly taken 50 years apart, and supplied by Greenpeace, showing the alleged disappearance of a glacier. Curiously, when the pictures were compared/overlaid exactly the same patches of snow appeared at both high level and water level. When I pointed this out to the Editors, suggested it was a fraud, and requested they correct it, I was told 'Well, it doesn't matter as it is supporting a good cause.' These photos and others like it have been used repeatedly by the Global Warming lobby. People should be aware that they are being deliverately hoodwinked by organisations that earn millions, sometimes billions, from the 'Global Warming' industry. - Rob L

Anonymous said...

I thouhgt marinas were made to float. With poles keeping them in place :S Maybe Global warming is part of the earth cycle that we haven't had a chance to document yet because it's lived millions of years more than we have....