Thursday, March 10, 2011

Massive rainfall in Australia? The Bureau of Meteorology claim the opposite to their predicitons

Wow, what a summer we've had in Australia. It's been non stop raining everywhere across the continent. So much so that Australia has had its second wettest summer on record. In victoria the rainfall comes even moreso. We recorded over 336mm of rainfall this summer alone, well and truely beating our previous record set back in 1910 of 237mm. The Murray Darling Basin, also had its third highest summer rainfall on record as well.

The year 2010 was quite different to the norm. Australia had the second highest rainfall since records began. Such a huge dumping of rain must have been predicted surely?

Lets look back to the CSIRO's climate change in Australia's website:

Here they claim that:

"Projected reductions in precipitation and increases in evaporation are likely to intensify water security problems in southern and eastern Australia"

Ouch! Lower rates of precipitiation? They go on:

"In no regions or season do models suggest a 'likely' increase in rainfall"

Not one single model in any single area project even a likely increase in rainfall? What's wrong with theses models? ANd they continue:

"For 2030, best estimates of rainfall change indicate little change in the far north and decreases of 2% to 5% elsewhere"

Ahh damn, things haven't got onto a good start. So I presume now that the data strongly shows that rainfall is increasing Australia wide, are we going to scrap these models altogether?

Such a shame that the leading experts in weather predictions and climate change in Austraia canot predict the or climate change.

Or can they: (The Bureau of Meteorology on the wettest summer on record in Victoria:

"Whilst any one such event cannot be attributed to global climate change, a recent study of extreme weather events across the globe suggests that there has been an increase in the frequency of such events over recent decades, and this trend is consistent with what we expect under global climate change."

Oh Geez


william gray said...

Oh my god they are deluded. I typed in Indian Ocean Dipole and La Nina into there search engine and wallha. Above average precipitation over the whole of Australia-ON THERE OWN SITE.
Add in a quiet sun and there you go record breaking rainfalls.

mike said...

Great site you have here..!
Could you show the exact page the comments below are on please.
From your post

Here they claim that:

"Projected reductions in precipitation and increases in evaporation are likely to intensify water security problems in southern and eastern Australia"

Jonathan Lowe said...

Hi Mike,
after looking hard for that quote on that website, it doesn't seem to exist anymore. My previous post about that quote was back in 2008

Quite clearly, however, they took the quote directly of the IPCC report which states that:

"As a result of reduced precipitation and increased evaporation, water security problems are projected to intensify by 2030 in southern and eastern Australia and, in New Zealand, in Northland and some eastern regions"

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