Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Australia to cut emmissions by 90% by 2050

One question: how?


John Nicklin said...

You would have to shut down your whole economy. Anything short of that is wishful thinking on the part of the government. I suppose they are telling you that this will create new jobs, green jobs. Ferriers and wheelwrights will be in big demand. There will also be an increased need for dung collectors.

There just isn't any other way to accomplish a 90% reduction with today's technology and nothing is in the technology pipeline for tomorrow.

Count Iblis said...

Nuclear energy.

If you generate all he electricity in Australia using nuclear energy, then you would still only have to deal with a few cubic meters of nuclear waste per year.

Australia is such a big country that storing nuclear waste safely is no problem whatsoever.

You can let cars run on hydrogen fuel cells or using other types of energy derived from electricity. So, there is no reason why zero emissions cannot be achieved.

Jonathan Lowe said...

nuclear energy?
Tell that to thei hate nuclear labour party.

Every car on hydrogen? you are dreaming.

90% is nothing more of a pipe dream, but why stop at 90%? why not 95% or 100%?

Count Iblis said...

Australia could actually do a lot more. You have enormous amounts of space available to store nuclear waste safely in the Outback.

You could build facilities for storage of nuclear waste there and sell the right to store nuclear waste in these faclities.

This way, you can contribute to safe nuclear energy for the whole world and facilitate in reducing greenhouse gasses.

Jonathan Lowe said...

agree with you here 100% count.
Unfortunately the environmentalists and far left wing socialist groups have used unwarranted scare tactics to protest such happenings and it is very unlikely that any government will progress with nuclear waste.