Wednesday, September 17, 2008

RSPCA blaims global warming for the number of stray cats

Knee deep in stray cats? Blame global warming, RSPCA says

The RSPCA claims climate change is producing a boom in the number of feral felines prowling streets in Melbourne’s leafy east.

The society, based in Burwood East, said warmer seasons encouraged breeding and urged moggy lovers to lock up their cats and stop feeding scraps to strays.

RSPCA animal welfare spokesman Andrew Foran said Melbourne’s stray cat population had eclipsed 500,000 and was on the rise.

“Warmer weather is improving breeding conditions, extending breeding seasons and reducing the natural attrition rate, resulting in thousands more kittens being born into lives of disease, neglect and starvation,” he said.


John Nicklin said...

Is there nothing Global Warming can't do?

Anonymous said...

Bullshit and lies, this is RSPCA on the Global warming band wagon too. People love their pets, but, RSPCA would have us believe people love to abuse their pets. All the hype about abused animals is just that, hype. RSPCA Qld 20,000 complaints answered and 20 convictions. This is more like King Jame's witch hunter in Feudal England. Find a witch, develope some test to prove they are a witch. If they survive the test then burn them as a witch.