Sunday, July 22, 2007

Cold Nights and increasing sun induced global warming in Western Victoria

Similar to Northern Victoria, our analysis will show that temperatures in western Victoria have been decreasing at night but increasing during the day.

To start off with, maximum temperatures show no significant increase despite several largish temperature anomalies in the last few years. However minimum temperatures have seen a significant decrease over time since 1910 (p = 0.03), but closer analysis of the graph could indicate possible cyclic activity.

Midnight records of this area are non existent and 3am temperature records are quite haphazard, although 6am,9am and Noon show decreasing trends in temperature (although not significant). However when the sun is at it's fullest we see an significant increasing trend in temperature at 3pm. There were no significant trends in temperature at 6pm nor 9pm.

3am and 6am vs minimum showed no trends, however we did find that temperature anomalies at 9am were significantly decreasing as compared to 6am, and that temperature anomalies at Noon were significantly increasing compared to 9am, and that temperatures anomalies at 3pm were increasing significantly as compared to Noon (check out the last 2 years!).

When the sun loses its power we also saw temperature anomalies at 6pm decreasing significantly as compared to 3pm.

So what does this all mean? Well similar to northern Victoria, we are seeing a decreasing temperature trend at night including temperatures at 9am. It seems that the area is taking its time to warm up in the morning. The reason for this as compared to other places, I'm not sure, and perhaps the readers might want to hypothesise on it. It does show more evidence for night time temperatures not increasing, as we have seen Australia wide.

One thing is for sure however, is that the temperature anomalies leading up to 3pm have been increasing over time, and after 3pm have been decreasing, which once again indicates the influence that the sun has over global warming. There is no other possible conclusion to make, and we have made it time after time after time. The sun has been the major cause of global warming in Australia.

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