Thursday, March 15, 2007

Beautiful (weathered) Esperance

Esperance is a lovely place that has a beautiful beach. When I was there last, it was boiling hot and then bucketed down like I’ve seen it rain.

Because it’s a little out of the way from Perth, it’s really the only weather station within the area that has reasonable data. Unfortunately, this reasonable data is not really that great with records going back to only 1970. Temperature readings at 9pm are only for the last 12 years.

But nevertheless we will have a quick analysis of Esperance.

Results show no significant increase in maximum temperatures, however there was an increase in minimum temperatures (Max: t = 0.24, p = 0.8; Min: t = 2.2, p < 0.05).

When looking at time rated data, all times recorded insignificant results bar 9am which had a significant increase in temperature (Mid: t = 0.6, p =0.55; 3am: t = 0.6, p =0.55; 6am: t = 1.85, p = 0.07; 9am: t = 2.5, p < 0.05; Noon: t = 1.14, p = 0.25; 3pm: t = 0.56, t = 0.57; 6pm: t = -0.08, p = 0.93; 9pm: t = -0.8, p = 0.44).

So once again this ties in pretty well with what we found south of Perth, in that temperatures increased at 9am and then decreased later in the evening.

With not much data, its probably best to head next to the outback area above Esperance for our last look at weather in Western Australia.


Phil_B said...

The Esperance area is my favourite part of WA.

Jonathan Lowe said...

Yes Esperance is very nice, but have you been up the north? The Kimberley as well as a national park near Marble Bar (can't remember name) as my highlights of WA

Phil_B said...

Jonathan, have you seen this?

Phil_B said...

Jonathan, I've been pretty much everywhere in WA. Another highlight, if you ever get the chance is to drive up the road alongside the Ashburton River toward the Hammersley ranges.