Friday, January 05, 2007

Even the hottest of the hottest is cold

Australia is one of the dryest and hottest continents on the earth, and one of the hottest places in Australia is Marble Bar, so named because peoepl originally thought that the town was laid next to a whole range of marble. It wasn't, and 3 years work were found to be completly useless.

But anyway, Marble bar has the world record for consecutative days over 100 degrees Fahrenheit (37.8C) which was between October 31, 1923 to April 7, 1924. The average yearly temperature is 35.3 degrees celcuis, but in 2006, Marble Bar averaged just 32.5 degrees, which was the colded since records began 92 years ago. The previous coldest was in 1978 (33.5 degrees), so this record is even 1 degree colder than that, which is very large considering the low variability of their temperatures.

Len Lever, a Marble Bar resident for 37 years, said last winter felt cooler but summer was as hot as usual.

Mr Lever, 69, said ex-cyclone Isobel brought only 3mm of rain. "It's nice now. It's cooled the country down for a while."

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