Thursday, December 14, 2006

Never new there were so many frogs

Although this is news a little while ago, I thought I'd give the author a chance to reply:

News is that global warming has already made a terrible toll. According to Camille Parmesan of the University of Texas, at least 70 species of frogs have already become extinct. She did a review of 866 papers (so she didn't do the research herself, just has summarised others).

"I feel as though we are staring crisis in the face, It's not just down the road somewhere. It is just hurtling toward us.

But of course there is this information to:

While it's impossible to prove conclusively the changes are the result of global warming, the evidence is so strong and other supportable explanations are lacking, Thomas said, so it is "statistically virtually impossible that these are just chance observations."

So it's impossible to prove, but impossible to be anything else. And what's more, statisticall impossible - can you give me a p value on this conclusion? Thought not.

I emailed Camille Parmesan, asking her if she can give me the list of the 70 species of frogs that had gone extinct.

I have yet to receive a reply.

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