Thursday, December 21, 2006

Bad Santa

Franesca Price has written an article in the Sunday Star, a New Zealand newspaper entitled "Bad Santa". It talks about how our landfills are overloaded (??) and how we can make this christmas a greener christmas. And her word is spreading. One of my friends has decided to wrap her presents in coles recycle bags instead of wasteing wrapping paper.

She also suggests to buy less presents to conserve energy, saying that you may be less popular at christmas time, but don't worry, your kids will still love you.

She does, to her credit, suggest to buy a goat for Oxfam, a great cause. However, her decision to buy her friends Carbon Zero Credits?

You can buy carbon credits to offset a loved-one's CO2 emmissions and the money is used to regenerate native forests.

But native forests love CO2! Either way, I' not going to be a grumpy bum scrooge this christmas, unlike Francesca.

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