Thursday, April 02, 2009

Melbourne Stage 4 Restrictions

Melbourne should now be in stage 4 restrictions for water usage, which means that watering the garden and washing the car is not allowed at all.

The trigger point for stage 4 restrictions is 29.3 percent. This was hit on the 30th of March, and already 2 days later, Melbourne's water storage levels are now at 29.1 percent.

The Brumby government said that they will stay on stage 3a till at least November. Water minister, Tim Holding said that

``We are not using trigger points because we need to take into account not only the level of water in the storages but the amount of demand there is on those storages,''

Brumby Government water minister Tim Holding said the mixture of 3a restrictions and the Target 155 water saving campaign meant metropolitan users were already held to a high standard.

It seems to me, that the only reason why we are not on stage 4 restrictions is that if we go there, then it is clear that the Brumby government's "Target 155" scheme was a failure.

With the population increasing all the time in Melbourne, and no extra water storages becoming available, it is clear that the Target 155 scheme will always inevitably be a failure.

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