Monday, November 10, 2008

Global Warming to increase crime levels

Yep, apparently according to the ABC:

A new report from the Strategic Policy Institute says climate change could lead to an increase in crime.

...the report's author, Anthony Bergin, is predicting global warming will lead to an increase in violent crime and so called 'climate crime'.

More police resources may be needed to cope with an influx of migrants from low lying areas as the sea level rises.



busby seo test said...

that is true!!!!

Chris said...

Things are warming up so fast and it's so much worse than what any scientist anticipated that the Australian government has had to take the unprecedented step and close down the entire ABC!

It's sad for all the now redundant ABC staff but they understand that drastic measures were needed to save the planet. The buildings and plant will be auctioned shortly and the Australian taxpayers will soon after each receive their subsidy cheques for the tax money saved.

PC: welcome back Jonathan! Yeah, the above is in my dreams I know....

Neal Asher said...

It certainly will lead to crime. Next time some pc left-wing green prick tries to lecture me about melting ice caps and drowning polar bears there's going to be violence.

westcoast2 said...

Great, can I find a way to get more funding, resources or PR from global warming?

Formula (theory)
AGW + Something (Xtreme) = Money

Oh! I'm a taxpayer so you need to modify this a bit

Formula (Modified by Hockey Stick proxies and ABC==BBC)
AGW = Taxpayer - money

Perhaps we need a graph with a trendline to illustrate this :)

Anonymous said...

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Jonathan Lowe said...

thanks macyn, appreciated