Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Freeman Dyson on Global Warming


Chris C said...

I loved everything about what this guy said until he came up with a new way to think about global warming.

With all the talk about the mesurement devices I swear he was lobbying for a nice grant for them when he threw out his theory.

I cannot find anything about what the ozone levels were before the 1970's. How do we know that there wasn't always an ozone hole?

Great blog and keep up the fight! The science on Gorebal Warming is not decided.

I am no scientist, but I'll do my part as a humorist and make fun of the subject.

All we can do is refute the data and goof on the silly theory we cause climate change. It is our only recourse. :)

Jonathan Lowe said...

Thanks Chris,
just trying to analyse the data - whichever way that suggests (either for humans caused global warming or against). Seems like no-one has really done that in detail before....strange.