Monday, May 04, 2009

Australian Bureau flips over Antarctica

As reported in the Australian

THE Bureau of Metereology has backed down from a claim that temperatures at Australia's three bases in Antarctica have been warming over the past three decades.

A senior bureau climatologist had accused The Weekend Australian of manufacturing a report that temperatures were cooling in East Antarctica, where Australia's Mawson, Davis and Casey bases are located.

The trend of temperatures and ice conditions in Antarctica is central to the debate on global warming because substantial melting of the Antarctic ice cap, which contains 90 per cent of the world's ice, would be required for sea levels to rise.

While calvings from ice shelves in parts of West Antarctica have generated headlines, evidence has emerged that temperatures are cooling in the east of the continent, which is four times the size of West Antarctica.

Contrary to widespread public perceptions, the area of sea ice around the continent is expanding.


My analysis here at Gust of Hot Air has easily shown this. Here is my previous analysis of temperatures at Mawson, Antarctica. And for want of comparison, Macquarie Island, which is situated half way between Australia and Antarctica.


Dodger said...

The University of Illinoise "Cryosphere" site updates Northern and Southern hemisphere sea ice daily. The gradual increase in Antacrtic sea ice over the last 30 yrs is clearly apparent The only question is why it has been denied for so long by BoM/CSIRO etc

Anonymous said...

Simple it doesn't lead to increased funding

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